Close More Sales

  • Contact Management:

    With a 360° view of your customers, see activity history, social media insights, website interactions and more.

  • Manage Deals:

    Gain complete visibility of your team’s opportunities through reporting and dashboards.

  • Create Quotes:

    For simple pricing models, quickly create quotes in Salesforce. For more complex quoting, Nadcoms recommends utilising Salesforce CPQ (click here for more information).

Make Smarter
Business Decisions

  • Forecasting:

    Make informed decisions through real-time forecast reporting.

  • Reports:

    Use Salesforce’s drag and drop reporting functionality to see realtime pipeline data

  • Dashboards:

    See all of your important data at a glance with Salesforce’s native dashboards.

Ensure Accurate Data

  • Data Cleanse:

    With experts in data management, Nadcoms will ensure the integrity of your data during migration fro your current systems.

  • Data Validation:

    Remove the need for manual data checks by utilising validation rules.

  • Automation:

    Configure Salesforce to carry out processes automatically, allowing your sales team more time to do what they do best… sell.

Both large and small companies across all industries using Sales Cloud show:


Increase in lead volume.


Boost in win rate.


Rise in sales revenues.

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