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Essential Guide to Providing the Best Customer Support Experience through Salesforce

Once a business stars using Salesforce, it’s rare that they look elsewhere. It’s been such a boon for organisations of all sizes for customer relations management that you’ll wonder how you got by without it. While it’s mostly used for managing data collection, examining marketing strategy success and other business tools, it can also help [...]

Salesforce Acquires Mulesoft and Introduces Integration Cloud

In a double move that shocked all of Silicon Valley in March 2018, Salesforce announced a $6.5bn (£4.75bn US billion) takeover of API provider Mulesoft. Just days later, they announced plans to develop Integration Cloud into Salesforce Services. It’s being lauded as a “game-changing” technology acquisition. The two platforms had been partners for years, separate [...]

Just Announced: Salesforce Producing Its Own Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology

Salesforce has always maintained a reputation for looking forward. That’s why it’s one of the most successful SaaS providers today. They have their proverbial fingers in many pies. Most importantly for 2018, they are leading the way in AI for business and The Internet of Things. But in an interview at the end of March, [...]

Salesforce Innovation: How Easy Is It To Innovate With Salesforce?

With Salesforce, The Future of Innovation is Here Today Modern technology has always moved quickly, but the pace of change in the last few years is enough to make one’s head spin. Ideas hit the development stage almost as soon as the mainstream media gets wind of the premise. What was once the realms of [...]

Salesforce Reveals the Top Trends for CIOs in 2017

In a recent post, Salesforce reported that a range of CIOs surveyed through 2017 revealed trends towards customer service. Less in the way of resources and money was spent on infrastructure and more on investment in customer-centric systems and policies through the year. But how CIOs perceive such efforts differ from customer’s actual experiences. The [...]

Customer Experience Is Now the Top Sales Benchmark

It’s long been understood in the modern world of sales, the customer is king. Faced with near limitless choice and instant purchases through websites, both B2C and B2B customers are wielding that power every day. Now, the single most important sales metric for any sales team is how your customers perceive their experience of dealing [...]

2018 Sales Trends: The Influence of AI

The rate of change in technology since our foundation has been phenomenal. Here, now, in 2018 we’re looking at some incredible advances in artificial intelligence – something once considered the realms of science fiction. While we’ve not quite got there yet, this year is already proving to be the year of AI. For sales, it’s [...]

Mobile Optimisation is Dead: Long Live Salesforce Mobile

For many years, businesses were warned about the coming mobile revolution. The early days of WAP soon gave way to widespread smartphones and tablets and it’s been all uphill ever since. In 2017, mobile internet usage overtook traditional forms for the first time. We’re using mobile devices at work and at home. The age of [...]

Why 2018 is THE Year for AI: Salesforce Einstein Leads the Way

2018 is all about Artificial Intelligence. Of all the tech trends for the year, none is expected to impact quite in the same way as the arrival of something once considered the realms of science fiction. Coupled with an ongoing commitment to gathering, harnessing and examining Big Data for better decision making about their products [...]

GDPR Is Almost Here: Are You Salesforce Ready?

In May 2018, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation comes into force. Most businesses are already in the process of complying; if you haven’t yet, you should consider taking steps to do so now. Despite the referendum to leave the European Union, the Queen’s Speech in June announced that the UK would adhere to [...]