The App Revolution


The business world is undergoing a fundamental shift. Employees use apps in their private lives and now anticipate and expect the same application accessibility at work.  Businesses that take advantage of this new world will experience the most efficiency improvements – and who doesn’t want that?

Previously, hardware and software platforms were calculated by the size of the application ecosystems developed on them. In the cloud era, we have reached the point where business people, and not just technical people, can grasp the value of technology. This is a welcome advance in the history of computing.

Do you remember the days of huge software boxes packaged with of hundreds of pages long that used to cost over £1000? Today, reasonably priced –or in some cases free – downloadable mobile apps are an amazing improvement. They usually take less than a minute to download and about that long to learn how to use them. Technology is no longer for the young, but for everybody. This means that when you use an app, your potential customer base is much larger than it once was.

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App development

Custom app development helps bridge the gap between standard functionality and your business requirements, creating a solution to address your exact needs and challenges. The best or most practical custom solution often requires a range of technologies. Nadcoms’ developers work with Salesforce, Microsoft, native iOS, Android, Java, PHP and more to help deliver your required result.

Nadcoms custom app development services range from Salesforce customisations to building complete applications from the ground up. We have vast experience in custom app development using Salesforce1 Lightning, HTML5, iOS/Android native and hybrid apps.

We go further and deeper with our solutions in order to build technology that aligns business processes with people.