A recent report suggests that businesses are reducing their investment in mobile apps in 2016. This, is despite that fact that mobile investment was just 10% of a relevant business’ budget in 2015, down from 12% in 2014. This should be increasing, not declining, as it is contrary to what customers are now demanding. So why is there a disparity?


A Lack of Understanding

Businesses are naturally and understandably cautious. Often, we stick with doing the things we have always done. We use the old tried and tested methods of paper because that is what has always worked for us. The attitude of “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” is wise, but not always the wisest course of action to follow long-term. Businesses should embrace technology and be open to change; it is the only way we that can move forward.


Unnecessary Complexity

Some businesses try to do too much with their apps and it becomes top heavy with its own complexity. However, clients of mobile technology are not completely to blame. There is also a problem at the other end. When an organisation is looking for a simple and effective app (whether it’s for their employees to use in the course of their job or something for their customers) they are often put off by unnecessary complexity. Some developers can be overzealous, and making the wrong choice can lead to great expense and an app that nobody likes.


The Wrong Approach

When businesses attempt to design and develop their own app, they tend to take their desktop framework and try to make it work on mobile, shrinking it, and can’t understand why it is slow and has less funtionality. This is the wrong way to go about it. Mobile app development requires a new way of thinking and the expertise to put it into practice. Often, you will need to consult outside sources to develop an app or an app framework that will work for your unique needs and business model.


Too much Focus on Custom Development

The mistaken belief that your business needs to build from the ground up is often off-putting. Yet this need not be the case. Sometimes, Nadcoms can build from an existing framework and develop your app from there. The belief that it will be time consuming, complex and expensive – learnt either by experience or through word of mouth – means that many organisations are not fulfilling their full mobile app potential or not even trying.


The Solution from Nadcoms

There is no need to struggle. Mobile app development is an essential part of your web presence. It needn’t be difficult and it needn’t be expensive, and we listen to your needs. Nadcoms is a professional developer of web services, including mobile apps. To hear how we can help you seamlessly and easily move to mobile internet, please contact us through the regular channels.

A selection of the mobile app services with which we might be able to provide you:

  • Moving to a paperless system of day-to-day work – organising, planning, scheduling and working via technology
  • Retail for your customers, mobile banking or other sales based direct use
  • Direct marketing and engagement, collecting data for you and for special offers for your customers


Learn how Nadcoms can help implement this for your business by contacting our friendly team on 0161 8141 248 or drop us a email at info@nadcoms.co.uk.