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Whether you’re considering Pardot and Salesforce as a future investment for your business. Or you’ve already decided to take the plunge and you want to quickly start seeing a return on your investment. Nadcoms have a Quick Start Enablement Pack designed to get Salesforce and Pardot configured for your Sales and Marketing team.

This is designed as an enablement package and should be considered as the foundations for future phases of development; a first step on the journey towards full salesforce empowerment. We have supreme confidence in our capabilities and it is our aim is to build an ongoing relationship with you. The Quick Start Enablement Pack gives you the opportunity to sample what we have to offer before fully committing to a longer-term program.


Nadcoms’ commitments:

  • 2 x 2-hour online requirements gathering session.
  • Systems configured (as defined in pack details) in one working week.
  • Installation of Nadcoms’ report and dashboard package.
  • Pre-defined data capture templates.
  • Data migration of Lead, Account, Contact and Opportunity data.
  • Install Outlook for salesforce.
  • Integrate Pardot and Salesforce and map fields.
  • 3 x half day training sessions.

Clients commitments:

  • Full access to subject matter experts and decision makers in business.
  • Completion of Situation Analysis questionnaire.
  • Clean data provided on Nadcoms’ data templates.
  • Purchased/Purchasing Enterprise licenses (or professional if no record types required).
  • Access to full marketing team for training sessions.

Sales Cloud Launch

Configuration Details:

  • All users.
  • 2 x custom Roles and Profiles.
  • Accounts/Contacts/Cases/Console/Tasks/Events.
  • For each object, up to:
    – 2 x Record types (enterprise/unlimited only).
    – 10 x Custom fields.
    – 2 x Page layouts.
    – 2 x Sharing rules.
    – 2 x workflow rules and actions (enterprise/unlimited only).
  • Data migration from predefined templates.
  • Nadcoms’ Service Cloud reports and dashboard package.

Pardot Launch

Nadcoms will run a 2-hour online Pardot requirements gathering session. The aim of this session is to gather the requirements for the configuration needed. This configuration will then be built in to 3 full day training sessions as tasks for the trainees to complete. Allowing the trainees to effectively build their own Pardot system. All the while learning about each of the features that make Pardot the fastest growing digital marketing platform on the market.

Configuration Details:

  • All users.
  • Pardot Configuration (Set up by users as part of training sessions):
    – Users.
    – Custom prospect fields.
    – Dynamic/static lists.
    – Forms/Form Handlers.
    – Automation rules.
    – Scoring.
    – Page actions.
    – Completion actions.
  • Further training subjects:
    – Implementing Tracking Code.
    – Setting up your Tracker Domain .
    – Setting up Email Authentication.
    – Warming up your IP.
    – Importing data.
    – Defining and Setting up profiles and grading.
    – Building Emails.
    – Building Landing pages.
    – Building an engagement studio.

An additional 8 hours support will be supplied. This must be used within 30 days of the final training session.

Out of Scope

A quick start is exactly that… quick. And due to this, we have to be very clear of what is in and out of scope of the package. If it is not mentioned above, then it is not part of the enablement pack. Worry not though… Additional items can be added from the list below2. These will be managed under an addition Statement of Work. For further details, please contact us.

  • End user training
  • Installation of AppExchange packages
  • Data export/extraction
  • Data cleanse
  • Custom Apex code
  • Visualforce pages
  • Documentation
  • Permission Sets
  • Quotes
  • Communication Templates
  • Automatic assignment rules
  • Customer and Partner Communities
  • Sites
  • Salesforce Content

To discuss the additional items, please contact your Nadcom’s Business Manager on 0161 814 1248
1 Support hours to be used within 30 days of go-live.
2 Items may not be swapped with other items in the enablement pack.

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