Salesforce Innovation: How Easy Is It To Innovate With Salesforce?

With Salesforce, The Future of Innovation is Here Today Modern technology has always moved quickly, but the pace of change in the last few years is enough to make one’s head spin. Ideas hit the development stage almost as soon as the mainstream media gets wind of the premise. What was once the realms of [...]

Cloud Technology Sends Your Business Into The Stratosphere

It is said that if you are not using Cloud based technologies, you are not realising your business’ full potential. In 2016, that is a truer statement than it ever was. Cloud is not just about storage; today, it’s about applications, sharing and core business functions. This is why NadComs is so successful at delivering [...]

Taking The Pain Out Of The Move To Cloud Technology

A surprising number of businesses remain unaware of the benefits of moving their operations to The Cloud. Too few businesses realise that using Cloud infrastructure today is the difference between success and failure, particularly in the realm of app integration, SAAS, and storage and backup. Cloud Technology Statistics for 2016 The prestigious annual report “State [...]

5 Ways Cloud Computing Can Boost Your Sales

It really cannot be stated enough that Cloud Technology has revolutionised business for almost everybody. From increasing security to streamlining processes, from portability to back up, Cloud is here to stay. But can cloud technology help aid sales success? If so, how so? The technology helps your business’ sales in five fundamental ways, which we [...]

Top 3 Myths About Moving To The Cloud Busted

Many businesses today that decide to take their business to the cloud do so because they need it for business agility and the cost savings that come with it. However, for business owners who are still researching whether moving to the cloud is suitable for them, they may come across inconsistencies in their research, making [...]