1 11, 2016

What does the digital age mean for legacy businesses?

As more and more of the world becomes connected, the more customer expectations are changing. Consumers are increasingly expecting to access the service and support they want at any time and on any device. Developments in technology have led to an explosion of new businesses that are changing the customer experience, such as offering personalised [...]

1 11, 2016

The 3 Trends Causing Shockwaves in IT

No longer do businesses have power over consumers. The new customer-driven age and digitally connected world has given us the power to reach audiences we could never have reached decades ago. People who we have not even met, never mind know their name, can be impacted by what we post. The once maligned IT leaders [...]

22 09, 2016

Does Size Really Matter? The Boutique Story

There is a common phrase, the bigger the better. Governments bang on about growth, growth and more growth. But is big really better? What did we learn from David v Goliath? Nadcoms specialise in boutique IT consultancy by providing pinpoint expertise at fast rates and low costs. There are some misconceptions about boutique firms. One of the most [...]

15 09, 2016

What’s The Hype Behind Mobile Apps?

Remember the days when the only useful app on a mobile phone was the game Snake? Look at how far technology has since come... Apps have revolutionalised the business world, helping the likes of Facebook and Twitter reach even wider audiences as the shift from desktop PC's to personal mobile phones began in the mid [...]