Stephen Whitehead recently joined the Nadcoms team as Director of Salesforce Division. Having previously worked at consultancies such as SuccessFlow Ltd, Cloud Sense, Westbrook and 2020 management, Stephen has over 10 years of experience implementing Salesforce solutions throughout Europe for organisations ranging from 5 to 500 users.

On his appointment, Stephen said, “I’m thrilled to join Nadcoms at this exciting time of growth. I’m inspired by the future plans and can’t wait to start making a difference.”

Rizwan Malik, director at Nadcoms added, “We had been searching for some time to find somebody who could come in as a consultant, but who could also help to push the company forward. We struggled to find the right candidate for so long. When we met with Stephen, it was obvious he shared the same drive and ambitions as Nadcoms. We instantly brought him on board. It’s a great reminder of how far we have come that we are able to attract people of Stephen’s calibre. In the two months since he started, he has immersed himself in writing and designing our new website, and our quick start offerings, and has demonstrated that he is fully integrated with our client projects.”

We posed Stephen with some fun fact-finding questions to get to know him a little better. Here are his responses:

Do you have any hidden talents?

“It’s not so well hidden because I do it all the time, but ever since I was cast as Oliver in the school play when I was 10, I’ve loved singing. It’s not something I could have ever made a career doing, but I love to get behind the mic on a karaoke night and wax lyrical. I’m that guy you laugh at when you pull up next to him in traffic and he’s completely oblivious to the fact you’re watching him attempt a lung-busting rendition of ‘Like a bat out of hell’.”

What’s your claim to fame?

“Well, in keeping with the theme in the previous answer, my first cousin is Lisa Scott-Lee who was part of the very successful 90’s pop group, Steps. We don’t see much of her these days as she is living in the UAE, but it made me very popular in school when people wanted free backstage tickets.”

What are three things from your bucket list you still want to do?

“Good question! First, it would have to be a parachute jump. I’ve done bungee jumping, reverse bungee, abseiling and rock climbing so I’m clearly a bit of an adrenaline junkie. My second would be to spend a few months travelling down the West coast of America. I love the idea of visiting San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Maybe I’ll time it to happen with the opening of Salesforce Tower and pay them a visit. My third is out of my control, unfortunately. I am determined to be there when my beloved Manchester City win the Champions League final. Whether I get this chance is still to be seen, but if they get there, I’ll be the first one booking my flights and tickets.”

And Finally…..

What do you think you will bring to Nadcoms?

“As well as my dashing good looks and obvious humility, I bring a wealth of experience in handling Salesforce and Pardot projects for businesses of all sizes. My salesforce product knowledge and system design skills are second to none. I’m firmly focused on delivering excellent solutions and building long-standing relationships with clients.

From a business point of view, I have worked with some of the most successful salesforce consultancies in the UK and, over the years, I’ve built a great network of reliable contacts in the salesforce market. These days, it is not just about ‘what you know’ or ‘who you know’. To be successful today, you need to be well versed in both.”

Welcome to Nadcoms, Stephen! We’re excited to add you to the team and glad you’ve settled in so well. If the first couple of months are anything to go by, you are going to be a very welcome addition to the team.[/fusion_text]